St. Robert Catholic School
Rates & Fees

At St. Robert School, we have a standard tuition rate for all students and a scholarship rate for students whose families are active parishioners of the St. Robert Catholic Church. These rates and fees are shown in the following tables:

School Tuition Rates For Each Student

To be considered for the scholarship rate, current and prospective students must be the children of: (a) families who are registered and contributing parishioners of the St. Robert Catholic Church, and (b) families who regularly attend at least one weekend Mass per week at the St. Robert Catholic Church. Families may lose their scholarship at any time if it is later determined that they ceased to remain active parishioners after being granted a scholarship.

   1st Child  2nd & 3rd Child  4th Plus Child
Standard Rate $5300 $4505 No Charge
Scholarship Rate $4600 $3910 No Charge

Extended Day Program Fees

There may be occasions when families are unable to pick up their children on a timely manner. In these cases, we offer a Emergency Drop-in Rate of $12 per hour.

Irregular Use: Daily Punch Card: $150 for a 10-punch card; $80 for a 5-punch card.

   1 Child  2 Children  3 Plus Children
Full-Time $2,486 (1 Child) $4,101 (2 children) $5,346 (3+ children)

Registration Fees For Each Student

  1st Child 2nd Plus Child --
Registration $395 $245 --




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