Where Faith and Knowledge Meet
St. Robert Catholic School
Fifth Grade

Our curriculum includes, but is not limited to, providing instructions that will enable students to…


  • Write a narrative that includes the use of different writing techniques, such as metaphors.
  • Read a short story and answer a series of questions about the beginning of the story, the conflict faced by the main character, the climax of the story, and the conclusion of the story.
  • Read a story and make inferences about events in the story.
  • Read a story and identify passages in which the author uses facts to support his argument.
  • Identify parts of a sentence, such the preposition, predicate, and independent clause.


  • Calculate the batting averages for five baseball players to the thousandths place.
  • Compute the total cost of six items including a six percent sales tax.
  • Calculate the number of passengers remaining on a train if one-third of the 24 passengers leave.
  • Compute the total number of miles a person ran given knowledge of how many miles he ran each day for a week.
  • Add numbers where one number has a positive value and the other has a negative value.


  • Describe parts of the human anatomy, such as the central nervous system.
  • Read a chapter book and answer questions about how plants grow.
  • Read a chapter book and answer questions about the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Explain the role that oceans play in the water cycle.
  • Define words or terms used in the field of chemistry, such as molecule and atom.


  • Identify the names of all 50 states and their capitals.
  • Draw the route of the Oregon Trail and discuss how the pioneers traveled on this journey.
  • Read about Lewis and Clark's expedition and identify events in the order they happened.
  • Read about the discovery of gold in California and define selected words used in the article.
  • Gain understanding about American history from the Native Americans during the fifteenth century to the westward expansion of the United States during the nineteenth century.



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