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St. Robert Catholic School
Sixth Grade

Our curriculum at this level includes, but is not limited to, providing instructions that will enable students to…


  • Identify the key elements that make up a story, such as the characters, the setting, the story line, the conflict, and the final resolution to the conflict.
  • Analyze the writing techniques used by the author, such as why the author gave human qualities to inanimate objects to communicate an idea.
  • Compose an essay about what they think may have prompted the author to write the poem using verses from the poem to support their analysis.
  • Understand and use the different forms of writing, such as persuasive and descriptive writing.
  • Compare and contrast the different genres in literature, such as biography, narrative, and poetry.


  • Find the angle in a given figure that has a measure of 90 degrees.
  • Compute a person’s hourly wage his current pay and percent of raise.
  • Find the value of a third property when the numerical values of the first two properties are known.
  • Calculate the likelihood of rolling a specific number with one dice roll.
  • Compare two sets of fractions by division when one of the denominators is unknown.


  • Identify the correct terminologies to complete given sentences about earthquakes.
  • Define terms and phrases used to describe volcanoes.
  • Write a narrative to explain the similarities between soft drinks and elements found in volcanoes.
  • Answer questions to demonstrate an understanding of concepts related to the Earth's crust.
  • Identify nonrenewable and renewable resources and provide examples of each one.


  • Read a book chapter about England during the late eighteenth century and write a narrative about the effects of societal changes on its citizens.
  • Read a book chapter about the beliefs of people in ancient Europe and explain theories about how people in this era viewed Earth’s place within the universe.
  • Become familiar with the power and role of state and federal government.
  • Identify in a map of North America and South America regions that were controlled by Portugal.
  • Identify the role of Hernando Cortes in the Spanish conquest of Central and South America.



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