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St. Robert Catholic School
Eighth Grade

Our curriculum includes, but is not limited to, providing instructions that will enable students to…


  • Review the key elements that make up a story and discuss the roles of the antagonist.
  • Write a narrative argument that is evaluated on a set of criteria, such as how well they develop their ideas and present them in an informative manner.
  • Provide a presentation that is evaluatedon a set of criteria, such as the delivery of the presentation and the level of engagement with the audience.
  • Participate in team debate that is evaluated on a set of criteria, including reasoning.
  • Read a story and identify the cause-and-effect relationship between key events and make inferences or generalizations from these events.


  • Look at the relationships of points, lines, and angles to find the area of one portion when the radius is known.
  • Determine the number of red pens when the number of white pens and the ratio of white to red pens are known.
  • Write a mathematical statement to show whether one value to greater than another value.
  • Read an algebraic expressionand compute the value of an unknown variable. Calculate the likelihood of producing a specific number after two dice rolls.


  • Read a table of chemical elements and identify these elements based on their properties.
  • Calculate the density of specific substances by measuring their mass and volume.
  • Answer questions about the conservation of mass.
  • Identify Newton’s three laws of motion and give examples of each one.
  • Identify and provide examples for the different forms of energy in physical science, such as thermal energy.


  • Identify important historical figures and their contributions to the periods on world conflict, such as General Santa Anna at the Battle of Buena Vista in the Mexican-American War.
  • List and explain the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. Outline the Lewis & Clark's expedition and identify their contribution to American history.
  • Explain why the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred in the 1960s and what the United States did in response.
  • Determine how the attack on Pearl Harbor led the Unites States into World War II.



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