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St. Robert Catholic School

At St. Robert Catholic School, we view the many forms of art as ways to communicate meaning and develop critical thinking skills.

As of the 2013-14 school year, we have expanded classroom instruction in art to every grade level. Each week, students learn to examine art with a critical eye and use texture and other elements of art to express emotions. They also learn art vocabulary and art history, such as the work of French impressionist Claude Monet.

Art instruction at St. Robert School is rooted in the use of visual images to communicate. For instance, kindergarten students begin learning the basics, such as the use of lines, shapes, and colors to express feelings of energy. Fourth-grade students build on these techniques to create their own drawings. They learn how to explain why they choose specific techniques to communicate feelings as well as identify how viewers might interpret the meaning behind their artwork. By eighth grade, students develop a greater depth of analysis of art, such as articulating the use of composition to help direct viewers through the design of the artwork.

Students are graded on an individual basis centered on the progression of their own abilities to use paint and other materials, such as oil, paper, or water.

Our program builds on the belief that art is a form of language. Art is not so much about the development of artistic talent, but about the appreciation of art for what it communicates throughout history. Our program offers students the opportunity to enter at least one piece of art in St. Robert’s annual art show and, collectively, the opportunity to submit up to twenty-five pieces created by students to a judged art show held at St. Francis High School. Our program also seeks out opportunities to submit the work of students to other art events in the Sacramento area.



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