Where Faith and Knowledge Meet
St. Robert Catholic School
Faith and Knowledge

Discussions about faith and knowledge – or faith and reason – may be found in writings as early as the thirteenth century when St. Thomas Aquinas spoke about how the two are connected to one other. That is, faith and knowledge work together to deepen our grasp of the truth. Now, seven centuries later, St. Robert Catholic School still holds onto this belief with the vision that truth is what Catholic education is all about.

In our pursuit to provide the best education, we sought to find out how our school leaders see the intersection of faith and knowledge. What does it mean when they refer to St. Robert School as a place where faith and knowledge meet?

Here's what parents and students can expect.

Our school leaders agree. The teachings of St. Aquinas have had – and continue to have – considerable influence in concrete and intangible ways. This is because faith and reason are intertwined. We teach faith in order to experience the belief in something that we cannot see or touch. At the same time, we teach learned knowledge to better understand the reality in which we live. Therefore, as leaders, Father Santiago and the entire school staff embrace St. Robert School as a place where both forms of knowledge come together to guide us as God’s children through life. They honor the responsibility bestowed onto them to provide students with the prospect of experiencing the beauty given to us by God. They treat their duty with the respectful mind that students look to them for guidance into the world of science and faith. Both of them recognize that students look to them to make decisions – including those that may not always have a straightforward answer – with the trust that good will result.



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