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St. Robert Catholic School
Transitional Kindergarten

Our curriculum at this level is designed to give students hands-on exposure to the world around them. At St. Robert Catholic School, we recognize that no one four- or five-year-old child is the same or should be the same. Each child is developing at his or her own pace.

Our classroom environment is structured to be a place where students could feel free to learn about themselves and to build relationships with other children. Students learn about taking turns and following simple directions, among other essential skills. Students develop an interest in books and other literary forms of communication. Students further develop their abilities to run and jump, including their abilities to catch and kick a ball. Students also learn about personal care routines. We accomplish this by following a regular routine each day.

Our daily schedule begins with free time where students have a chance to engage in activities of their choice. This is followed by a morning prayer and a language lesson, such as acting the characters in stories or singing songs to help build their language skills. Students are introduced to books, poems, and other literary works through play.

The next set of activities includes snack time and lessons in math, art, or science. Students engage in a range of activities that include, but are not limited to, counting numbers up to 20, sorting objects by color, and learning about ladybugs. Most of all, they are introduced to the joy of learning.

The final set of activities includes lunch time and nap time. Parents may pick up their children after lunch, or they may choose to keep their children on campus after the instructional portion of our program. For those who remain, students are guided by the instructor to our Extended Day Program where they continue to explore the lessons taught earlier in the day.

Students at the transitional kindergarten level are – in every sense of the word – an integral part of the St. Robert community. For instance, students in transitional kindergarten are paired with third-grade and fourth-grade students for about 30 minutes each week. This is a purposeful arrangement where both younger and older students learn to connect with each other as they read books and attend Mass together. They also attend a weekly story-time session at the school library.

Students in transitional kindergarten become members of a school family – a group of 12 students from different grade levels, who sit together during our weekly morning assemblies, work together on joint projects throughout the year, among other school functions.



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