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St. Robert Catholic School
Fourth Grade

Our curriculum includes, but is not limited to, providing instructions that will enable students to…


  • Prepare a book report that summarizes the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
  • Read a chapter in a book and answer questions about the events described in the chapter.
  • Assume the character of a biography and give an oral presentation about the person.
  • Read a story about an Arctic explorer and answer questions about his life experience.
  • Read about the Mayflower and offer an opinion about the worst part of its voyage.


  • Determine the total number coins in a mathematical word problem.
  • Estimate the perimeter of a rectangle by multiplying its length and width.
  • Calculate the average of six numbers.
  • Add, subtract, and multiply two simple fractions.
  • Convert different measurements into their equivalents, such as meters to millimeters.


  • Identify the types of rocks and how they are formed.
  • Work in groups to research how plants grow and present their findings.
  • Identify the types of minerals and their properties.
  • Calculate the volume of a box when its width, length, and thickness are known.
  • Determine the volume of objects once they are placed in a graduated cylinder.


  • Learn about the history of Spanish missions and their role in the history of California.
  • Identify the location of major cities using the nearest latitude and longitude intersection on a map.
  • Identify the different geographic regions of California.
  • Identify the name of the ocean that touches the California coast.
  • Identify the different regions and hemispheres of the world.



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