Where Faith and Knowledge Meet
St. Robert Catholic School
Learning Expectations

A St. Robert School student is a...


  • Understands Catholic teachings
  • Develops a personal relationship with God through prayer
  • Serves the needs of others with compassion
  • Treats God’s creation with respect
  • Remains active in his or her faith community
  • Reads and understands the Scriptures
  • Maintains the courage to make correct moral choices
  • Treats his or her body as a Temple of the Holy Spirit


  • Values and celebrates diversity
  • Participates as an active member of his or her local community
  • Works cooperatively with others
  • Understands and exercises his or her duties as a citizen
  • Resolves conflicts in a peaceful manner
  • Makes choices that protect personal health and the health of others
  • Takes responsibility for his or her actions
  • Uses appropriate manners and etiquette in social situations


  • Demonstrates a strong foundation in the basics of all subjects
  • Uses information to think independently and analytically
  • Reads for learning and enjoyment
  • Expresses him- or herself clearly in written and oral communications
  • Plans, sets, and works toward goals effectively
  • Experiences and appreciates the fine arts
  • Remains current with issues affecting his or her communities
  • Uses technology for learning and communicating
  • Analyzes problems and finds effective solutions
  • Uses education to improve the lives and health of community members



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