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Extracurricular Activities

At St. Robert Catholic School, we see extracurricular activities as serving the same goals as classroom activities by collectively adding to our students' overall growth and development. 

These activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Extracurricular Activities 

Name of Activity Approximate Time of Year
 Acadeca (Grades 6-8)    September to March 
Basketball (Grades 1-4)  
Basketball (Grades 5-8) November to February
Band September to May 
Chess Club September to May 
Choir August to May 
Coding Club January to March  
Co-Ed Basketball (Grades 1-4) November
Co-Ed Golf (Grades 6-8) March to May
Co-Ed Track and Field (Grades 5-8) March to May 
Cross Country (Grades 5-8) August to October
Drama September to November 
Flag Football (Boys, Grades 6-8) September to October
Flag Football (Girls, Grades 6-8) March to May 
Girl Scouts August to October
Newspaper (Grades 5-8)
Speech and Debate Club September to May
Student Council (Grades 4-8)  August to May
Volleyball (Boys, Grades 5-8) March to May
 Volleyball (Girls, Grades 5-8) September to October 
 Yearbook (Grades 7-8)  September to May


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