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Student Safety

The Saint Robert Catholic School staff are regularly notified of students with allergies and have been instructed in the correct emergency procedures regarding anaphylactic shock. In addition, the staff attends ongoing training, follow up, and support as needed. Prevention, of course, is the best approach and therefore, we have created a “nut-free” policy on our campus. When packing snacks and lunches, families are asked to only send nut-free products. We realize this may be inconvenient, but trust that all families understand the importance of this policy.

Student Safety Drills:
Safety drills are exercises, practiced monthly, that we can use as teaching moments to prepare students and staff on how to respond appropriately to numerous potential emergencies. Students are taught the importance of recognizing campus alarms and signals, so they may proceed accordingly to the emergency. Routine maintenance is done on the systems to ensure proper functioning, should an actual emergency arise.

Parking Lot:
When dropping off or picking up students along the loading zone, please remember to pull forward, closing any large gaps between vehicles. All passengers entering or exiting vehicles must do so on the passenger side of the vehicle. Please do not leave an unattended vehicle parked in the loading and fire lane zone. Attended or unattended vehicles may not park in the red fire lane zone nearest to the crosswalks or in front of the gates for safety in an emergency. T he east driveway is a one-way entrance and the west driveway a one-way exit. When driving through the parking lot, please do so at a minimal/slow speed. Always use the crosswalks when walking to and from the parking lot island. There is also a designated staff parking area, please note the location on the  Parking Lot Flow Map Fall 2018

 Safe Haven is now  on CMG Connect as Safe Environment Training:  

More information about Safe Environment Training can be found  in this PDF .


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