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Medication Use

St. Robert Catholic School has two parent groups.

St. Robert Catholic School has a specific policy with regard to the use of medications at school.

Students must not keep medication in their desks or on their persons. Both prescription and non-prescription medications must be turned in at the office. School staff may not administer medications, but may assist students who need to take medications during the school day.

Proper written authorization must be given by the parent or guardian. The authorization must include a signed statement by the treating physician that details:

  • the name of the medication,
  • the route of administration,
  • the dosage,
  • the number of times per day the medication is to be administered, and
  • the expiration date of the medication.

School staff may not dispense aspirin or any other over-the-counter medication unless a written request is provided by the parent or guardian.

The parent or guardian must inform St. Robert School in writing whenever there is any change to the dosage or other aspects related to medication use.

All medications must be in the original container with dosage and name of the child clearly visible. At the end of each school year, any medications not picked up by parents or guardians will be discarded.


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