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The parking lot flow of Saint Robert Catholic school has been changed.
For the safety of our students, families, and visitors, we have made the east driveway a one-way entrance and the west driveway a one-way exit. 
We ask that those who use the drop-off and pick-up lines to always pull froward to close all gaps. By closing the gaps, this helps prevent backups in the car line and on Irvin Way.  Students should always load and unload from the passenger side of all vehicles.
Please reference the photo below. When referencing the photo of the parking lot, you'll note an area marked off in yellow - titled "Staff Parking". This is the area where school staff will park. All families and visitors should park in the other areas of the parking lot.
Thank you for keeping our students safe. If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact Mr. Anthony Jackson. 
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